BAM Pottery (aka: Bizarre Amazing & Magical) Pottery

Original one-of-a-kind artistic creations in clay!!

"Pottery "In-The-Works!"

"Tree-Weird" piece (SOLD!!)

SOLD Pottery:We have many satisfied customers who have been throughly delighted with their purchases, many who are repeat customers! Perhaps you will find a piece you purchased here in the future! Here are just a sample!

"Cigar Guy"

Sold December 2010

Stressed- Out

Sold December 2009


SOLD August 2010

Toothpick Guy

I have this guy on all my business cards, so he's special to me! ...A truly amazing character of a face! Price: $400

Custom Made Platters

Many platters, plates and bowls are available in custom patterns or sets. This large platter (16" diameter) is $100

Custom Made Yard Bowl

Each one will be different! $45-$55 per bowl

Decorative Masks

Perfect conversation piece for your wall, available for between $45-$100 depending on complexity

Some Custom Face Pieces

Hand Thrown Mugs & Bowl, each with different faces! These can be put on: - Mugs - Cups - Bowls - Vases - Goblets - Tiles - You name it!